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December 06, 2017
I'm a photojournalist for a media outlet in Cuba. My passion for my work has led me to approach professionally almost all its genres, to win prizes, to make numerous exhibitions inside and outside of my country and to travel - another of my great passions - seeking to capture with my camera dissimilar horizons, cultures, people and idiosyncrasies. I consider myself extremely fortunate by making a living from what I love doing, to face happy every day of work, because for me it means another opportunity to create, to learn, to grow. I fully enjoy the feeling of pressing the shutter and shoot that mixture of pleasure and adrenaline that offers me the capture of a well-made shot. It even seems to me that what I do has a lot of magic: I have the power to appropriate something as unattainable as time, I make a fraction of a second stop and become eternal. I also let others see through my eyes. Good photos sometimes emerge from the context through observation, others from the ability to discover the transcendence of a particular moment, sometimes, from a more abstract or reflective thought, but always impregnated, as a stamp, a part of the soul of whom makes them.


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