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Intermediate Group Salsa Dancing Course

2 Hours
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Intermediate Group Salsa Dancing Course

Dance Lesson
We focus our salsa lessons on the constant improvement of your technique and talent. Having fun is not enough; you must connect with the music and the dance movements in order to live this new experience to the fullest. We will guide you through the journey of becoming a great salsa dancer, with your own style. Get the attention and respect you always wanted on the dance floor, and do it by the hand of an experienced dance instructor.


This course is perfect for groups who wish to go deeper in knowledge and techniques concerning salsa or another rhythm. During the course the clients will experience 2 hours of lessons daily for 5 days. Also, we offer the possibility of going out with your instructor to salsa places. There are also some facilities included in this program.

You will be welcome at the school by one of our operatives, then you will be introduced to your teacher and the lesson will begin. A bottle of water will be given to you upon arrival. This course is only possible if there are more than 10 clients and less than 24.

meeting location

Our Saloon (66th Street, Playa)

ending location

Our Saloon

Additional Information

Bring comfortable and loose clothing.
Lessons will be private; each client will have a teacher.
There is 500 ml. water bottle included.

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