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Walking Tour Around Cristóbal Colón Cemetery

1.30 Hours
4 Miles
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Walking Tour Around Cristóbal Colón Cemetery

Walking Tour


Cuba Libro (Hostel of 2 and 21 streets)
23 Street
12 Street
Colon Cemetery (5 different ways to take the tour.) You can choose the itinerary you prefer.

Itinerary I. North Gate - Mortera’s Count Mausoleum- Cuban Inmigrants Mausoleum- Loredo Berbal Crypt – Julian Alvarez Crypt – General Major Maximo Gomèz Baez- Constantino Ribalagua Grave (A famous Floridita’s Bar Tender)- Julian del Casal Mausoleum (First Modern Poet of Cuba)- Marquees’ Argudin Mausoleum- Counts’ San Esteban de Cañongo Mausoleum – Marquis’s Balboa Mausoleum- North Square (Cristobal Colon Square)- Pietà (remarkable replica form Michael Angelo master piece)Raul and Nicolas de Cardenas Benitez, XIX Century- Aspuru Family Crypt- Family Mesa Crypt- Zayas Jaen Crypt- The Sort Angel, Family Blanco Crypt- Bombers Mausoleum. Catalina Lasa Mausoleum- Jesus Crist and the Angel- Jesus Ascensions- The Member of Spanish Royal Family Mausoleum- Central Chapel- Grave of Manuel Arteaga y Betancourt, Havana Cardinal- Counts Rivero Mausoleum.

Itinerary II. Grave of Carlos Roloff General- The Dominos Grave- Hubert de Blank’s Grave (Musician)- The ABC Mausoleum (polity partied)- Eduardo Chivas Grave (political figure)- Northwest Square- Nuñes Galves Crypt- Churruchaga Widow Crypt- The Thinking Lady- The White King of Jose Raul Capablanca – San Francisco de Asis- The Androgynous Angel- The Singer “Da Terriña”- The Plane (Mausoleum dedicated to the Orfila Victims)- Naturales de Ortiguiera Crypt- Grave of Rafael Maria de Mendive (remarkable maestro and poet)- The Miserere Street- Lebanese Society Mausoleum- Francisco Franchi Alfaro Mausoleum- Jose Alvarez Crypt- Major General Quintin Banderas Crypt- Pyramid of Architect Jose F. Matta- Lourdes Virgin.

Itinerary III. Naturales de Asturias Mausoleum- The Silence Angel- Burke Hedges Crypt- Juan Gualberto Gomez Grave (Patriot) - Antonio Guiteras Holmes Tomb (Patriot) – Veterans and Patriots Mausoleum- Athletic Mausoleum- Revolution Scholars Mausoleum- Grave of Jose Francisco Marti Zayas Bazan (Son of Jose Marti)- Mausoleum of Second War Victims- Devotion Tomb- Joseito Fernandez Tomb (Author of Guantanamera Song)- Mausoleum to the Armeria Victims- Rita Montaner “The Unique”( famous Cuban singer)- Sculpture of Saint Barbara on Manuel Pereira Quintana Crypt- Corynthia Victims Mausoleum- Usagara Mutanga Efo Society Mausoleum ( African Society)- Symbolic Tomb of Robaina Family- Southwest Square- The Needle Lady- Mausoleum to the Granma Expeditions Victims- Juan F. Noyola Tomb (Remarkable Economist from Mexico)- Japanese Colony Mausoleum- General Jose Lacret Morlot Mausoleum- Cuban Army Mausoleum- Naturales de Cataluña Mausoleum- Archer Tomb- South Gate- Coralia’s Tomb- Preload’s Square- Young Liederman`s Tomb- Dolores Rodriguez Tio Tomb (Poet from Puerto Rico)- American Legion Mausoleum- Andre Voison Tomb (Eminent French Scientific)- Caridad of Cupper Virgin, Cuban Mater- Perseverance Logia Mausoleum.

Itinerary IV. Tomb of Engineer Coroner Don Francisco de Albear y Lara ( Designer and Constructor of Havana Aqueduct)- Ramiro Guerra Tomb ( Cuban economist, historian and educationalist)- Eusebio Delfin Tomb (Remarkable Cuban compositor)- Tomb of Leocadia Perez Herrero, the “Ta Jose” Medium- The Baseball Players Mausoleum- Gerardo Abreu Fontan Tomb (Undercover fighter)- Evelio Rodriguez Curbelo (Mountains fighter)- The Love Tomb of Modesto and Margarita. Spanish Army Tombs- Mausoleum to Victims of March 13 Attack- Ossuary- Old Cruise from Espada Cemetery.

Itinerary V. Frank Steinhart Crypt- Luisa Perez de Zambrana( Cuban poet)- General Domingo Mèndez Capote Crypt- Amelia Goyre de la Hoz Tomb “ The Miracle Lady ”- Ramon Crusellas Tomb- The Giant Angel, Jose Manuel Cortina Crypt- Cemetery First Crypt- Tomb of Maria de Covancho Santiuste- Fernando Ortiz Fernandez, Third Cuba Discoverer- Mausoleum to the Medicine Students ( executed on November 27, 1871)- The Hearing Angel- Oscar Cardenas Tomb (First War Cuban Soldier)- Samuel A. Cohner (Cuban photographer executed because of his tight color )- Cardenas Castañer Mausoleum- Emilio Roig de Leuchsenring (Havana Historian)- Alejo Carpentier Tumb( remarkable Cuban writer)- Esteban Pichardo Tapia Tomb(Eminent Cartographer, author of Cuban Maps)- Jose Antonio Saco ( Cuban Patricio)- Jose de la Luz y Caballero Tomb (Cuban philosopher)- Eugenio Casimiro Rodriguez Carta Crypy (up buried)- Jose Antonio Cortina Tomb- North East Square- Jose Gener y Batet Mausoleum- Tobia’s Gallery- Obispo Tombs- Victims of unique French Prussian Battle- Tumb of Carlos J. Finlay (eminent scientific who discover the Yellow Fiber transmission)- Ricardo Arnauto Tomb ( joker who produced a war)- Eduardo Saborit (remarkable musician)- Ruben Martinez Villena (eminent intellectual and fighter)- Sergio Gonzalez Lopez, “El Curita” (victim of the covert fight)- The Medicine Student Common Tomb- Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes Grave(remarkable musician)- Cecilia Valdes Tomb (character of famous Cuban Novel of XIX Century)- Marcelo Salado Lastra Grave (covert fight victim)- Eduardo Fesser Mausoleum (Art curiosity)- Fe del Valle Tomb (first victim of Pluto Operation)- Victor Muñoz Tomb(journalist who promoted the Mother’s Day in Cuba)- Egyptians tombs located on Fray Jacinto Avenue- Capilla Sixtina replica, Zarraga Family Crypt- Coroner Jose Alvarez Perz and his three sons (the illuminant gorrion bird burial).

Attractions: History of Cuba, Sculpture, Architecture, Urban Tales.

meeting location

Cuba Libro Café

ending location

Avenida Paseo, Calle 23, Vedado

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Transportation. The transportation to the site could be arranged separately from the tour price.

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The price also includes coffee or tea at meeting point.
Lunch included.
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