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August 05, 2016
I am passionate about all things history and art, and I am taking you with me on a journey through the History of Cuba. Tours, conferences or Q&As, pick your favorite. Discover the deep Havana by my side.
traveler reviews
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The museum tour with Orlando was amazing. Orlando knows so much about art and his passion makes the tour very enjoyable. The museum tour is a great way of learning about Cuba and the different periods in Cuban history. Booking was really easy and Orlando was very responsive to questions and providing information about the tour. Our understanding and enjoyment of Cuban art was definitely enhanced by Orlando's guidance. There is no question that we wouldn't have gotten as much from the museum without Orlando's company. Book this tour! You will not regret it!
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Two thumbs up to Orlando! We really enjoyed his company and out of this world knowledge of Havana and it's people. There is no way I would have such an extraordinary experience in Cuba without Orlandos help. I highly recommend Orlando to anyone who is truly interested to know the best of Cuba.