MIAMI, Fla. (September 12, 2017) — Tour Republic joins the efforts to help the local community affected by Hurricane Irma in central and western Cuba.

The company will allocate 50% of their profits of the next three months – starting on September 15th – to help the affected families recover.

“The images and news from the island are devastating. We want to do everything in our hands to help those in need. The recovery will be tough and we want to be there to support the people,” said founder and CEO of Tour Republic, Enmanuel Tirado.

The amount collected will be given to the Catholic Church in Cuba to acquire and distribute the necessary resources at their discretion.

Tirado worked as a small business management professor training dozens of local entrepreneurs in classes organized by the Catholic Church, and trusts this is the ideal way to get the help through.

“We are coordinating efforts with the Church to find the best way to deliver Tour Republic’s donation directly to those affected. We know that they will be entirely dedicated to help during the recovery of the most affected communities,” Tirado said.

The profit of the Cuban guides registered in the digital platform will not be affected in any way. The donation will come directly from the company’s profit.

Tour Republic is a small company founded by a group of young Cuban entrepreneurs living in the United States.

It is the first digital marketplace where Cuban entrepreneurs offer unique experiences to help travelers enjoy a memorable trip to Cuba.

So far, they have more than 100 activities on the website, mainly in Havana, but they are expanding throughout the rest of the island.

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