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July 21, 2017
I run a family travel business with so many tales to tell. I was born in small town in Holguin and never thought I would own a classic car. Never. But necessity and times feed my passion for these beautiful cars. I greatly care for my luxury classic cars from the 50s, which are comfortable, in good share, and air conditioned. I not only want to drive you through the best of Havana, but to make you laugh and enjoy a memorable tour in Cuba.
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We had such an amazing experience, I don't even know where to begin! Rubi contacted me shortly after I booked, and we emailed several times, about plans for the tour. I felt like I knew her before we even met.... She must have felt the same because I got a big hug hello, when we finally met! Rubi took us every where we had wanted to go, and she is so informative. We had a great view of Havana from Cristo de la Havana, and she would point out different structures, and tell us about them. My husband pointed out a random, and fairly new piece of representational art we saw in passing, and Rubi knew the entire history behind it, the artist, and the meaning. She knows all the best places to visit, and make sure to write down all her recommendations for additional places to visit after, because we were so glad we did!!! She speaks with such incredible passion, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. We are all the better for having met her, and hope to catch her again next time we visit! It was fun to watch the cannon ceremony, and explore. If you are looking for souvenirs, Fortaleza de la Cabaña is the place to get them. We wish we had purchased more items here, because the quality and prices were the best we saw!
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Hola chicos Si, sentí lo mismo, como si los conociera de antes, tanto así que acordamos q los recogería con un cartel con su nombre, y el cartel nunca hizo falta, los reconocí, al instante. Me encantó trabajar con ustedes, lo único q lamentó es el tiempo, tan corto, que pasamos. Hablé y hablé de mi país, pero me hubiera gustado mucho escucharlos hablar del lugar, donde viven, así es como aprendo lo que se. Nos volveremos a ver, lo sé. Muchas gracias por todo. GRACIAS